Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 includes Magpie class and Swan class

Picture Rama and Sita

Our Story this term is the story of Rama and Sita. This is part of a much longer story from India – it’s all about How Rama’s wife Sita is stolen by the seven headed demon Ravanna and taken to Sri Lanka and how Hanuman the monkey god helps Rama to rescue her. It’s an exciting story which has really gripped the children and helped them to focus across the curriculum. We are focussing on locations in India and making sure our story telling has elements of description to give the story particularity. We will be writing our own retellings of the story.

In Maths we are working on multiplication and we are introducing the use of brackets to show which parts of the equation need to be worked out first.

In Geography we are working on understanding and identifying continents – this sounds simple but many children struggle to understand the difference between a continent and a country.

Later this term we will be taking a trip in to oxford to see the pantomime at the Oxford Playhouse – this is a real treat and we’re very grateful to the Friends of Larkrise for their financial help with this.


Useful Info

Miss Inglott: Magpie Class Teacher
Miss Johnston: Swan Class Teacher

Year 4 End of Year Expectations.pdf



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