Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 includes Magpie class and Swan class

Picture of a Dragon

This term our story is The Four Dragons which is a traditional story from China. The story is exciting and gripping and never fails to draw the children in – we love this story!

We chose it because we will have a focus on Geography in the term and the story will naturally draw the children in to an interest in the country of china and its culture, history and geography.

Our main focus in literacy this term is writing instructions (the children will be giving instructions for how to care for a dragon…). We will also be writing setting descriptions using rich language.

Our main area for development in maths this term is to develop and embed the new Larkrise Maths curriculum which we are launching this term. The new curriculum has a focus on developing fluency in arithmetic and applying skills to investigate questions and solve problems.

If parents can find time to do just one thing to help us this term ask them to retell the story of the four dragons and encourage them to tell it to other friends and relations. Children who develop confidence to retell a story find their language, reading and writing will improve also.

Year Four will be having swimming lessons this year. Swan class are swimming up to Christmas, Magpie Class will have their chance after Christmas.


Useful Info

Miss Inglott: Magpie Class Teacher
Miss Johnston: Swan Class Teacher

Year 4 End of Year Expectations.pdf



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