Welcome to Year 1

Year 1 includes Eagle class and Flamingo class

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This term our story is The Huge Bag of Worries.

We chose it because our new year ones will be dealing with lots of emotions as they start their journeys through the main school. Our story and the work we do around it will give them lots of skills to think and talk about their emotions.

Our main focus in literacy this term is writing in complete and correct sentences. We’ll try to build the habits of using capital letters and end punctuation correctly and encourage the children to read their work back to make sure it al makes sense and they haven’t left any words out.

Our main area for development in maths this term is building confidence in counting and in saying what ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ are. Many children who can confidently chant the numbers from one to ten are stumped when we ask them ‘what’s one more than five?’ or ‘What’s one less than nine?’ We will also be building confidence in one to one correspondence – that is the skill that allows the child to recognise that seven objects relate to the digit seven.

If parents can find time to do just one thing to help us this term the very best thing they could do would be to spend ten minutes reading with their child each and every day and to talk about what they read. Additionally, spending time talking when you are about whether it’s noticing street signs, chatting about the shapes and colours you see or reading numbers on signs and notices, will pay great dividends. Children from language rich homes have a real head start in all the work we do at school.


Useful Info

Miss Austin: Eagle Class Teacher
Mrs Bicer: Flamingo Class Teacher

Year 1 End of Year Expectations.pdf



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