Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 includes Parrot class and Falcon class

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This term our story is The Wise Quail which is a folk story from the Buddhist tradition.

We chose it because it focusses on cooperation and we would like all the children in Year Three to get more confident and ready to cooperate together.

Our main focus in literacy this term is retelling our story with expression and engaging speech. We will also be ‘innovating’ the story to make our own versions of a story based on ‘The Wise Quail’.

Our main area for development in maths this term is to make all the children absolutely secure in place value – exactly what the difference between 3, 30 and 300 is. Children who really ‘get’ place value will find everything else in maths much, much easier.

If parents can find time to do just one thing to help us this term we would love them to spend ten to fifteen minutes (or more!) reading with their child every day. In addition to the reading it is hugely valuable spending time talking about the reading – guessing what will happen next, talking about the thoughts and feelings of the characters, exploring what choices the author and illustrator have made. The talking part is so valuable that if you only have fifteen minutes, it would make sense to read for five and talk for ten of them.

Useful Info

Miss Golds: Parrot Class Teacher
Mr Brown: Falcon Class Teachers

Year 3 End of Year Expectations.pdf



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