Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 includes Barn Owl class and Peacock class

Jason and the Golden Fleece image

This term our story is Jason and the Golden Fleece, one of the great sagas of the Ancient Greek tradition.

We chose it because, in our telling at least, it has a theme of teamwork. As our pupils move through Year 5 we’d like them to value teamwork and to learn work together in a variety of groups and tasks.

Our main focus in literacy this term is writing strong, contrasting settings based on the many locations in the story. Children will also write descriptions of the characters in the story trying to bring out their varying character differences and skills.

Our main area for development in maths this term is to assess what the children are really confident in and find out where there are gaps or weaknesses in learning from previous years. We want to get them all confident on previous learning so we can move forward with a secure foundation.

If parents can find time to do just one thing to help us this term they should spend as much of it as possible reading and talking with their children – you could talk about how characters are feeling in the book or what they might be thinking, you could discuss the choices the characters have made or chat about why the author and illustrator chosen to do what they’ve done in the book, you can talk about whether you would recommend the book to another family – and why… Great booktalk is so important that if you only have fifteen minutes to read with your child you should spend five reading and ten talking.

We have a trip to the cinema to see ‘Zootropolis’ next month – we’ll give you more details very soon.


Useful Info

Mrs Camilleri and Mr Finch: Barn Owl Class Teachers
Mrs Bonassisa and Miss Goodwin: Peacock Class Teachers

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