Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 includes Barn Owl class and Peacock class

Elephant image

In Year Five we are using the story of Vijaya and the Elephant’s promise. A trickster story from India about how the clever hare Vijaya tricks the King of the Elephants into promising to keep away from the pool of the moon. It’s a funny story which the children are enjoying retelling.

We’ve learned to retell the story and we’re moving on to writing our own non-fiction reports about animals.

In science we are learning about the characteristics of living things – what do all plants and animals have in common?

We have made some beautiful artworks based on the story and hope to do some inspired Design Technology projects too.

We are learning to play some Christmas tunes on the glockenspiels and we’re hoping to play them for parents and carers at the end of term.


Useful Info

Mrs Camilleri and Mr Finch: Barn Owl Class Teachers
Mrs Bonassisa and Miss Goodwin: Peacock Class Teachers

Year 5 End of Year Expectations.pdf



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