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Year 6 includes Stork class and Crane class

Picture of The Girl of Ink and Stars book

This term our topic is all about Journeys. Our story is The Five Wise Teachings but we’ll also be drawing on ‘Girl of Ink and Stars’ a great novel by local author Kiran Milward Hargrave, and the brilliant ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill. This story and the two books give a great set of perspectives on what forms bravery can take and how we can all be adventurers in our own ways.

We chose it because our pupils minds naturally turn to next year’s transition to secondary school and these stories will really help them think about the skills and aptitudes they want to develop in themselves to take up to their next schools.

Our main focus in literacy this term is writing reports linked to Shackleton’s journey, we’ll also be writing character profiles.

Our main area for development in maths this term is to really stretch the children to understand their mathematics in greater depth We’ll be taking previous learning and making the children more confident to explore it through investigations and problem solving.

If parents can find time to do just one thing to help us this term we would ask them to spend quality time reading with their children and talking about what they read. We want children to be able to delve into characters’ thoughts and feelings and explain what effects the author is trying to achieve through the choices they make. Quality book talk at home is a key way to build confidence in the child to develop those skills.

We have two trips coming up this term, we’ll be going on the ‘Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools’ (IMPS) at the John Radcliffe Hospital where the children will learn about how a hospital works and what they can do to minimise the risks of injury for themselves and others, including some basic first aid skills. Later in the tem we will be going on the Young Citizens programme which familiarises the children with aspects of the emergency services work as well as encouraging them to think about risk management in the community for themselves and others.


Useful Info

Mrs Clark and Mr Finch: Crane Class Teachers
Miss Nielson: Stork Class Teacher

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