Welcome to Foundation 1

Foundation 1 includes Robin room and Kingfisher room

Picture of an Owl family

Welcome to our reception classes – there’s so much to do and so much learning going on that we can really only give you a flavour of the term here.

For a lot of our children this is their first time at school and for most these will be their first full days at school. We’re starting off with some much loved to help them find their way as full time kingfishers and robins.

We’re starting the term with ‘Gotcha Smile’ a story that emphasises the power of being positive and friendly. We will be moving onto ‘Owl Babies’, a familiar story about trust and dealing with anxiety. We hope these stories will help the children to develop confidence and resilience and to feel comfortable moving on in their learning in reception class. We’ll help this by spending a lot of time talking about our feelings, clarifying rules and expectations, making new friends and so on.

In literacy we will be working on listening to the sounds in words – hearing and identifying initial sounds and continuing rhyming strings. You can help out at home when you’re reading with your child by asking them what sounds words start with and asking them to think of another word that would rhyme with an example – "king, ring….?"

Our maths will have lots of variety. Some children are ready for simple addition and even subtraction. Others are just establishing one to one correspondence. We will be learning to recognise and name some two-dimensional and three dimensional shapes.

We’ll be building up our awareness of our bodies and our physical confidence as we play in the Foundation Unit Garden and through opportunities to learn to use simple tools. We’ll also have time in the hall to move and dance together.

We’ll be having a lot of fun as we learn in Kingfisher and Robin Class. We’re going to have a really exciting year together.


Useful Info

Mrs Marriott: Robin room Teacher
Mrs Turnbull: Kingfisher room Teacher (Part Time)
Ms Selinger: Kingfisher room Teacher (Part Time)



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