School Improvement Plan and Vision for the Future

2015 – 2018  Strategic Plan

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The Governing Body of Larkrise has produced a three-year strategic plan that sets out our priorities and describes the important milestones we need to achieve along the way. This includes our vision, four strategic priorities and the values that underpin all we do. We’ll be regularly tracking progress to ensure the plan delivers on its promises.

Our strategic plan has been compiled with ideas from our children, parents and teachers. We’ve also visited excellent schools and researched what makes them excellent so that we apply the lessons at our school. Our governing body includes experts in primary education which has been very helpful and we aim to build upon the many excellent aspects already in place at Larkrise – for example the behaviour of our children is superb and the quality of our teaching transformed over the last small number of years. This plan focuses upon our priorities moving forward and balances what and how quickly our children learn alongside a commitment to develop and support them in all kinds of other different and exciting ways.


Our Vision

A vibrant, creative and caring school, proudly reflecting the diversity of our community, ensuring achievement and success for every child through excellent teaching.


Our Strategic Priorities

A curriculum which engages and excites through creativity.

Develop motivated, independent, self-reflective learners through excellent teaching and learning.

Every childs Larkrise experience will provide a platform to build self-esteem, confidence and the skills to succeed in life.


Children, parents, teachers, governors, other schools and the Larkrise community working together to constantly improve outcomes for children.


Our Values

Caring    Confident    Curious    Creative    Celebrating


We have identified key objectives against each of these strategic priorities. These key objectives, shown in the Strategic Plan Table document below, are specific activities we have set as clear milestones to reach in each of the next three years.

A separate document, the School Improvement Plan (SIP), produced by the Headteacher and her staff, transfer these strategic priorities and key objectives into a yearly plan with more detailed actions, measures and targets for 2015-16.



Our 6 Key Strategic Priorities For 2015-2016

From Strategic priority 1
(refer to the Strategic Plan Table document)

  • Further develop the impact on writing through the storytelling curriculum. Ensure that rigorous book scrutinise monitor the effect of the curriculum. 100% of lessons are at least good with 80% outstanding in all storytelling subjects and use the curriculum as a vehicle to drive standards.

From Strategic priority 2

  • Implement a planned programme that guarantees an opportunity for every teacher to observe other teachers and participate in coaching trios to ensure 80% of all observed lessons will be outstanding and all others will at least good.
  • DIRT (Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time) is used at least once a day & teacher holds 1:1 coaching sessions to discuss next steps. By the end of the year 2016 all children can confidently discuss and reflect on their learning (metacognition). 100% of books show improvements by children.
  • Ensure that the percentage of children at the ARE increases by at least 5% each year.
  • Year 1 and 2 teachers to provide creative phonic lessons to supplement the Phonic Bug Scheme. This will ensure attainment in Y1 reaches the beyond National average

From Strategic priority 4

  • Attendance to improve overall absence rates by more than 2% (94.8 currently).



What does a Larkrise education stand for?

A vibrant and caring school, proudly reflecting the diversity of our community, celebrating achievement and success for every child.



Learning Larkrise nurtures the whole child. We endeavour to ignite a love for learning and curiosity across the curriculum and beyond.


Achievement Children have wide ranging opportunities to experience success building confidence and self-esteem. Achievement and progress is excellent for all groups of children and in all areas of the Curriculum.


Resilience We recognise, develop and build on the areas of skill in pupils and staff to help them achieve their potential and to give them the confidence to be successful in their lives.


Key Skills Key skills at the core of a challenging and creative curriculum: enriched by experiences and visits.


Respected Respected by the community because Larkrise is at the heart of the community.


Inspirational Inspirational lessons where children love to learn and staff love to teach.


Sharing Sharing our cultures, experiences and skills. Celebrating the diversity of our community.


Everyone Everybody, including staff, children, parents and governors understands where children are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there. Everybody has a voice.




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