Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 includes Pelican class and Seagull class

Our Autumn 2018 Topic is:

‘Claudius, the chieftain and the Elephants’

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  • Explore the myth and re-tell the story
  • Writing an explanation text about the Roman invasion of Britain
  • Writing a report about the battle from the perspective of Claudius

Science – Sound:

  • Exploring different pinna/outer ears of various animals
  • Learning how the ear works referring to sound vibrations


  • Learning about the worship of the Roman Gods and sacrifices they made at their temples


  • Place value
  • Measurement-length and perimeter
  • Addition and subtraction


  • The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain


  • Exploring the plans and lad use of a Roman city
  • Comparing Roman cities with modern cities


  • Design your own Roman armour, shields and helmets for the battle re-enactment

Trip and Outcome:

  • Chedworth Roman villa
  • Battle re-enactment


Useful Info

Jess Paton: Pelican Class Teacher
Megan Goodwin: Seagull Class Teacher

Year 4 End of Year Expectations.pdf



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