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The Governing Body of Larkrise Primary is looking for a clerk to governors. We are a highly effective group and make excellent use of cloud-based services to manage our documents and work. We are looking for a clerk who can help us in our school improvement story. A job description is provided below.

Please email if you would like more information or would like to be considered for this role.


Main purpose of role is to: 

Provide advice to the governing body on governance, constitutional and procedural matters. The new regulations require governing bodies to have regard to advice from the clerk in regards to exercising the governing body functions:

  • Provide effective administrative support to the governing body and its committees.
  •  Ensure the governing body is properly constituted
  • Manage information effectively in accordance with legal requirements

Main responsibilities and tasks  

The clerk to the governing body will:

 1. Provide advice to the governing body

  • Advise the governing body on governance legislation and procedural matters where necessary before, during and after meetings
  • Act as the first point of contact for governors with queries on procedural matters;
  • Have access to appropriate legal advice, support and guidance, and where necessary seek advice and guidance from third parties on behalf of the governing body;
  • Inform the governing body of any changes to its responsibilities as a result of a change in school status or changes in the relevant legislation
  • Offer advice on best practice in governance, including on committee structures and self-evaluation  Ensure that statutory policies are in place, and are revised when necessary, with the assistance of staff
  • Advises on the annual calendar of governing body meetings and tasks  Send new governors induction materials and ensure they have access to appropriate documents, including any agreed Code of Practice
  • Contribute to the induction of governors taking on new roles, in particular chair or chair of a committee

2. Effective administration of meetings

  • With the chair and headteacher prepare a focused agenda for the governing body meeting and committee meeting
  • Liaise with those preparing papers to make sure they are available on time, and distribute the agenda and papers as required by legislation or other regulations;
  • Ensure meetings are quorate
  • Record the attendance of governors at meetings (and any apologies – whether they have been accepted or not), and take appropriate action in relation to absences, including advising absent governors of the date of the next meeting
  • Draft minutes of governing body meetings, indicating who is responsible for any agreed action with timescales, and send drafts to the chair and (if agreed by the governing body), the headteacher
  •  Circulate the reviewed draft to all governors (members of the committee), the headteacher (if not a governor) and other relevant body, such as the local authority/diocese/foundation/trust as agreed by the governing body and within the timescale agreed with the governing body
  • Follow-up any agreed action points with those responsible and inform the chair of progress

3. Membership

  • Advise governors and appointing bodies in advance of the expiry of a governor’s term of office, so elections or appointments can be organised in a timely manner;
  • Chair that part of the meeting at which the chair is elected, giving procedural advice concerning conduct of this and other elections
  • Maintain a register of governor pecuniary interests and ensure the record of governors’ business interests is reviewed regularly and lodged within the school;
  • Ensure Disclosure and Barring (DBS) has been carried out on any governor when it is appropriate to do so
  • Maintain a record of training undertaken by members of the governing body; and
  • Maintain governor meeting attendance records and advise the chair of potential disqualification through lack of attendance
  • Advise the governing body on succession planning (of all roles, not just the chair)

4. Manage Information

  • Maintain up to date records of the names, addresses and category of governing body members and their term of office, and inform the governing body and any relevant authorities of any changes to its membership
  • Maintain copies of current terms of reference and membership of any committees and working parties and any nominated governors e.g. Child-protection, SEND
  • Maintain a record of signed minutes of meetings in school, and ensure copies are sent to relevant bodies on request and are published as agreed at meetings;
  • Maintain records of governing body correspondence  Ensure copies of statutory policies and other school documents approved by the governing body are kept in the school and published as agreed, for example, on the website

5. Personal Development

  • Undertake appropriate and regular training and development to maintain his/her knowledge and improve practice
  • Keep up-to-date with current educational developments and legislation affecting school governance
  • Participate in regular performance management

6. Additional Services

  • The clerk may be asked to undertake the following additional duties:
  • Clerk any statutory appeal committees/panels the governing body is required to convene: if the clerk is not contracted to set up and clerk these panels, the governing body will have to make an alternative arrangement
  • Assist with the elections of parent and staff governors
  • Participate in, and contribute to the training of governors in areas appropriate to the clerking role
  • Maintain a file of relevant Department for Education (DfE), local authority and church authorities (if appropriate) guidance documents
  • Maintain archive materials
  • Prepare briefing papers for the governing body, as necessary
  • Conduct skills audits and advise on training requirements and the criteria for appointing new governors relevant to vacancies
  • Perform such other tasks as may be determined by the governing body from time to time
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Dream School project

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How should Larkrise Primary School adapt over the next 10 years ? What would you and your children like to see?  

All parents at Larkrise should have received information inviting you to take part in a ‘Dream School‘ Competition – to share your vision and to enter a competition for the most engaging submission.

If, like me, you were handed a slightly crumpled piece of paper amongst the rest of the ‘end of term’ bits – it looked like the picture below:

Dream School leaflet on our fridge

But this is much more than just a fun activity to do over half term. It is, exactly what it seems – the first in a series of chances to show the governors what you want us to do.

Talk with your children, friends and family about this opportunity:

How education might change in the next 10 years!

How should technology feature?

What sort of buildings would we learn in?

What will teachers be like and what will they teach?

Crucially, what is the purpose of education and how do primary schools fit into your answer.


Why are we doing this and what difference will it make?

Governors and staff at Larkrise have been extending our strategic planning beyond the normal 3-5 year thinking, to consider the challenges and opportunities of the next decade.

To help us plan for Larkrise 2027, we have called this our ‘Dream School’ project to help us look beyond our immediate situation, the current political/funding context, and the needs of our own children.

We know that not all ideas can be captured in this simple and (hopefully) fun competition – and that some of you have expertise and ideas that need more space.

There will be surveys, events and other ways to engage with this project soon after half term – so watch this space. If, in the meantime you have any questions about this competition, feel free to email us:

Thank you and we are very much looking forward to seeing, and sharing, your entries!





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What might Larkrise be like in 2027

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What might Larkrise be like in 2027? We will be over a quarter of the way through the century by then, yet it will be the decisions that we make now that will shape that future for Larkrise Primary School. And you can help!

The governors at Larkrise are planning for how Larkrise will develop between now and 2027: so we can be proactive around our vision for education, rather than reactive to policy. We want to hear the voices of the whole school community; including children, parents, staff, volunteers, and local groups.

In order to do this, we are going to be running a ‘Dream School‘ competition, to help channel your ideas into our plans for the school.

These blog posts will chart and inform that process and we welcome your contributions.

Watch this space for future announcements.


You can contact the governors directly at:

Note: this is intentionally not a link.


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