Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 includes Stork class, Red Kite class and Crane class

Our Autumn 2018 Topic is:

‘Back to the Land’

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Texts: The Lost Words, The Explorer.
Narrative: Diary writing (in character).
Skills: Paragraphing, considering audience, choosing appropriate vocabulary.
Poetry: Blackout Poems, Spell Poems.
Skills: Choosing language for effect, Developing imagery using simile and metaphor.
Non Fiction: Report, Explanation.
Skills: Note-taking, paragraphing, passive voice.
Grammar, Spelling & Vocabulary:
Prefixes and suffixes (-able/-ably, -ible/-ibly), Statutory Spelling List.
Review word classes.
Synonyms & Antonyms.
Sentence structure and punctuation for clarity.


  • Use classification keys
  • Explore wildlife in local environment
  • Understand how the animal kingdom is further classified
  • Classify living things into range of groups
  • Know how life is sustained in different regions of the world
  • Understand how some animals have changed over time
  • Recognise how some animals and plants have adapted to their environment

Maths Number:

  • Place Value
    – read and write numbers to ten million.
    – ordering & comparing.
    – rounding.
  • Addition and Subtraction
    – efficient mental methods.
    – formal written methods.
  • Recall of times tables facts up to 12 x 12


  • Expectations for our new class
  • Five Golden Rules
  • Getting to know each other


  • Identify continents of the world on a map
  • Recognise climactic regions of the world and how this affects life there
  • Learn about the importance of Charles Darwin’s expedition to the Galapagos


  • Christianity


  • Singing assembly
  • Ukulele
    – learning new chords.
    – keeping time.


  • Athletics
  • Dance


  • E-safety
  • Data storage, organisation & retrieval

Art & Design:

  • Use observation to draw and paint natural objects
  • Explore and replicate patterns from the environment
  • Design, make and paint a clay model of a living creature


  • Nature Reserve



Useful Info

Bernette McEvoy: Red Kite Class Teacher
Morag Scott: Crane Class Teacher
Gail Atkinson: Stork Class Teacher

Year 6 End of Year Expectations.pdf

2017 KS2 test explanation video:-



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